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The events that are unfolding are facing us all with new challenges. Staying positive in a demanding scenario and taking it as a learning experience rather than a difficulty is also a matter of aware processing, and putting matters in a favorable perspective. Working at home is a well known concept, but doing it for the first time, in a non-accustomed way, in an uncertainty laden emotional environment, is something very different. What is more, communication needs to be way more effective at distance than face to face. Therefore, it is not only about available technological devices, it is about having the adequate awareness of what is necessary to make the telling / listening dynamics work effectively.

This is the time when a professional realizes that she is not a role, a hierarchy, a powerful title, but a human being. The professional still is a human being in its different dimensions, and not only the economic one. When professionals realize that nothing has prepared them for sustained uncertainty how do they feel?

This is the time where we will have the opportunity to connect with our character as human beings. The time when we connect with what we stand for, what makes our heart beat, our life be worthwhile and our contribution significant to the coming world’s balance.

This is the time when we can heartfully connect with who we are. We can understand, once and for all, that we are not our job titles, our fame, our achievements, our homes, fancy goods, or our lifestyle. We are what we cannot loose in a shipwreck. And that what we have inside, what drives us, what gives meaning to our existence, which makes us assume the responsibilities of being alive, is what these times are about:

  • Times of Companies to show what they stand for; to show if employees are considered Humans or just Resources.
  • Times for Leaders to stand up to this expression and help their teams to live through this crisis, which is, as never before, full of opportunities.
  • Times to see the glass half full, because those who do, will emerge from this circumstances having designed their own future.

The world will not be the same. Work will have changed forever. Life will be lived in a different way. As we recover our human connection, we will be unavoidably more digitally minded than earlier, and this transformation will be unpredictably fast.

We are very fortunate. We have been helping global executives with our pioneering  Digital Executive Coaching approach for more than ten years now. Therefore, we are experts in bringing human connection and warmth to the digital world of at distance relations. We have been walking the talk with them through their growth paths, achievements, promotions and their companies directly related benefits. We have been with them in the ups and lows of the corporate and business roller coaster. Sometimes it is about professional challenges, sometimes it is about personal ones. However, we have always known that “good” work performance is not possible if there is not a caring and aware human being behind the role.

It would be a pleasure to bring our experience in remote effectiveness assistance to you today, during these times to help your people. We can help them through their fears, their loneliness and through their doubts & confusions. We want to help them to see this as the opportunity ahead. When looking at how the past can transform into an unforeseen positive future, we take the drivers seat and start designing the future, with what we have available. We want to help leaders to apply the necessary leadership for this times. They can help teams to replace their fears about their jobs for the love of a common and inspiring perspective of positive change.

It is not about business targets. It is about inspiration, about turning mindsets, fine tuning perspectives and having something for which to stand up in the morning with best energy. We want to be active contributors to your people’s well being and psycho-emotional balance in this challenging situation. Let us do this together.

The balance, and implicit disciplines of spending work time and personal / family time, while at home is also something that may place relational issues which need to be worked out. Dealing with the news, the emerging fears, handling worries and emotional states, is something which we are very experienced in helping at through coaching. Thus, get in touch with us or tell us when to get in touch with you. It is the right time to do it.  It is the right action to launch. We look forward to hearing from you.

With our best regards and wishes of good health,
Your CoachReady

Insight By CoachReady April 16, 2020
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