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Digital Experience, Human Connection… what does this even mean ?

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It is not just a slogan, it defines the heart of our Strategic Coaching System.

We are a technology based digital company, run by a deeply human, experienced and senior team. A wonderful combination of young and seasoned minds, understanding deeply what is necessary to make a personal change and transformative process pleasant and sustainably successful.

On the digital side, we ensure that all our processes run flawlessly to make all necessary actions fluent, fast and efficient. We guarantee the intuitiveness in our IT systems for you to have whatever information at your hands.

Registrations, programs follow ups, updated information on the state and progress of every single person enrolled in your Coaching program, are at the tips of your hands in any digital device you may have at reach.

The only thing we need from you, once we jointly agreed to start a program in your company, is a list of participants with their contact information. From there on, we take care of all the process. We make sure that you have the least expenditure of energy with the highest returns.

Yet, technology does only go so far in its desirability. We do not care much for fancy colored technology. Executive Coaching is not a video game.

Coaching is a way too personal and delicate mind and heart touching intervention, as to have algorithms running where they do not belong at all.

Deciding to start and run a Coaching program in your company for the subtly challenging and sophisticated executive needs is not a technological procedure. It is a deeply human one, and the higher the seniority of your executives, the more so.

We take human care in contacting and interviewing every single participant, in a friendly informative and insightful interview, in order to make the right personal matching with the most adequate coach in our stable team of highly experienced professionals.

We are not a coaches market. We do not have a list of thousands of Coaches ready to work for us and you, once or twice a year.

We care for each one and know each one very well, and we have developed a fine and precise approach to an effective matching process that avoids all the biases that intervene when persons choose a coach by themselves.

We pride ourselves of our exceptional service attitude when you need something from us. No bureaucracy and no fuss. We are very hands-on and expedite in what requires it.

We are very thoughtful, analytical and insightful when helping you design your programs.

And we will always be there for you, as we are doing for all our lifelong clients and all who have joined us along the years, and who continue with us since we started as the first Online Executive Coaching Company in the world in 2009.

Insight By CoachReady October 3, 2022
Categories: Coaching, Explications
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