Insight By Philipp Messerer

Online Coffee with Philipp by CoachReady


What does CoachReady have to do with handmade coffee? ☕

Philipp explains the similarities while preparing your next Online Coffee.


Oh, hello. Great that you’re here.

I’m about to prepare an Online Coffee. Do you want one?

Great. Meanwhile, let me explain what CoachReady has to do with handmade coffee.

Our CEO, Serge Malisani founded the company in 2009. It was registered as the world’s first online coaching company. Since then, thousands of international professionals have been supported in their development and well-being. Like handmade coffee, our service has an exceptional taste. It is 100% digital and personalized to your needs.

Our Coaching Director, Thomas Köttner makes sure that your coaching program is not only effective, but sustainable over time.

So, CoachReady is run by executive coaches with a holistic understanding of business, technology and coaching. Speaking of technology, we have an in-house developed app as well as a platform. However, we don’t work like an automatic coffee machine. At all times, a human is personally assisting you.

Most importantly, we have a stable connection and relationship with all of our international senior coaches because we are simply NOT the Uber of executive coaching.

Your coffee is ready. If you want to learn more, follow me.

If you want to enjoy your handmade coffee or simply find out how our coaching services could be beneficial for you or your company, just respond to my email – I will wait.

Honestly, I will wait but your coffee might get cold if you wait any longer.

Insight By Philipp Messerer June 19, 2023
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