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An executive has flaws too!


Executives are mostly seen as humans who are invulnerable. They have to have an answer for any question, continuously work under high pressure, be able to inspire others and stay sharp each and every day. Realistically, executives are vulnerable too. They can feel helpless, overwhelmed and confused. Hence, executives should be allowed to receive support. Executive Coaching can assist them in their development, growth and well-being. This will not only make them better leaders faster but also encourage them to live the life they want to live.

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“Everyone needs a coach”

Bill Gates

What is Executive Coaching?

Imagine having the best athletes all together in one team. They might all be talented on their own but without a professional coach, they will never win the game. Every high performance team is coached in order to achieve best personal results. The same is true in business. We all need people who give us objective feedback in order to help us to improve. An executive coach asks the appropriate question for you to find the right answer. However, this is not a therapy session – it’s business.

Coaching originates in French/Hungarian (French: coche; Hungarian: kocsi) and refers to an actual carriage which “brings people from one place to another”. Executive Coaching can be seen as a means of transport for a coachee (person who is coached) to reach a designated point (e.g.: increased effectiveness). Moreover, Executive Coaching is a personalized and confidential process that accompanies the development of people between what they are now and what they want themselves to be.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) states that Professional Coaching consists of a continuous professional relationship that helps to obtain extraordinary results in the life & profession of the people. Throughout the Coaching process, the clients deepen their knowledge, increase their performance and improve their quality of life.

“Coaching is a learning process”, defines Coachready, the first Online Coaching Company that has been coaching international companies (e.g. Loreal, Sony, Sanofi, etc. ) for more than 10 years. “Executive Coaching gives the possibility to learn about ourselves in order to further develop and foster effectiveness at work”. CoachReady provides the appropriate service to assist its clients in understanding the potential to maximize their performance.

Who is an Executive Coach?

From the perspective of Executive Coaching each client is a person of change. The executive coach operates as a companion in order to help the person to live the life he/she wants to live, personally and professionally. Executive Coaching requires coachees to be capable of designing and carrying out actions that impact on themselves and their environment. An executive coach accompanies the process but does not give orders. He/She assists the coachees by holding them responsible for their own life.

“People are never good at seeing themselves as others see them – a coach really helps”

Eric Schmidt

The coach is the one who guides and encourages going beyond the limitations that people impose on themselves in order to be able to develop their full potential. The executive coach helps to make the most out of people’s abilities and empowers them to live a productive and satisfying life. Every professional executive coach himself has worked in a leading position or rather as an executive for many years. Furthermore, the coach has to complete a full education program in the field of Coaching.

Unfortunately, there are many unqualified people calling themselves “coaches” who rather cause problems than solving them. Every company has different criteria. Becoming a coach for Coachready implies to go through an intensive selection process in order to acknowledge capabilities and expertise. The executive coaches at CoachReady are highly specialized professionals who simultaneously work in leading positions for international organizations around the world. Specialists from various fields form the team, such as Human Resources, Medicine, Psychology, Engineering, Law, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Information Technology, Marketing, Internet and Education. All of their specialties are related to understanding the executive’s life in organizations.

How does Executive Coaching work in practice?

The Executive Coaching relationship begins with a person (the coachee), team or organization explaining to another person (the coach) the results that should be achieved and have not been accomplished yet. Executive Coaching takes as a starting point the current situation of the client: what is the coachee willing to do now in order to get where he would like to be in the future?

Both parties agree on a strategy declaring their commitment to the Executive Coaching process. However, every result depends on the intentions, choices and actions of the client while the coach supports him/her. The executive coach assists his/her client by comprehensively observing different domains of his/her life. A personalized Coaching method is applied depending on the needs of the coachee. Thus, the client’s abilities are being refined to incorporate new distinctions that enable different points of view and new possibilities of action. Executive Coaching is a continuing process of regular conversations that favors the learning and transformation of the coachee. Nevertheless, the way of communicating has changed.

The Evolution of Executive Coaching

Until now, Executive Coaching was seen as a service that can just be executed while the coach and the coachee are physically present. However, as we live in the 21st century having conversations via mobile devices is daily practice. In fact, we do not even have to work in an office anymore thanks to the possibility of working online. However, frequent traveling employees and internationally working managers with a tight schedule often find themselves without sufficient human support. But why are we not just using state-of-the-art technologies to assist our personnel in this new age of digitization? The simple answer is: money is scarce, always. The honest answer might be related to being afraid of technological advancement which, in fact, could lead to lower costs and more efficient solutions. Nevertheless, many companies decide against measures to assist employees (e.g. Executive Coaching) because time and financial resources are missing.

In the last 10 years CoachReady has been mastering its approach to tackle these ubiquitous problems and developed the solution: Executive Coaching Online. Using a centralized platform simplifies the interaction of coachee and coach. CoachReady’s service makes it possible to reach people in a personalized and confidential way (one on one), using the tools that technology offers (online), whenever they need it (on time) and wherever they are (anywhere). Location-based Coaching of the past is just not appropriate anymore in the digital environment in which most companies find themselves today. CoachReady provides a competitive advantage as well as an economical solution.

“Our aim is to promote a learning culture connecting people with their aims, values and goals to transform and strengthen organizations in a digital manner”

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